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2021 Hyundai Elantra: Hybrid Version on the Menu

Cards in hand, the 2021 Hyundai Elantra is set to conquer the year 2021, which promises to be a turning point in the automotive market. With its completely redesigned styling, asserting its unique and sporty character, as well as its hybrid electric variant, Hyundai does not give its competitors any quarter.

In addition to being a car of the future par excellence, the Asian sedan will be noticed for its many technical qualities. Take advantage of the emotions it conveys and its incredible sensations, exclusive to the North American and Asian markets.

Your Hyundai Lanaudière dealer and garage in Joliette, near Repentigny, Mascouche and Terrebonne, presents a very wide range of cars from the South Korean manufacturer for the greatest pleasure of Canadians and Quebecers.

Efficient, Elegant and Modern! 

With its new hybrid electric engine, Hyundai’s vehicle will stand out from the crowd in the new era of the hybrid automobile market. For example, the Hyundai Elantra’s fuel consumption is drastically reduced compared to previous generations and is around 4.7 L/100 km. It is half the average fuel consumption of motor vehicles. As they say, there are no small savings, especially when it benefits the environment!

At the same time, it manages to display high performance and cutting-edge technology. Equipped with a 1.6-litre 4-cylinder engine, the 2021 Elantra will be capable of developing up to 147 horsepower and close to 139 horsepower when coupled with its 1.32-kWh electric motor. But that’s not all, the 2021 Elantra is also available in a sportier and more athletic N LINE version. It features a turbocharged engine that produces an extraordinary 204 horsepower and 195 lb-ft of torque.

Performance, indeed! But above all, it’s ultra-connected. Aboard the latter, take the time to connect to various services thanks to its two 10.5-inch screens: wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. That being said, for those of you who are a bit picky, a dual Bluetooth connection is offered by Hyundai. This will allow you to combine the phone call system with the one for audio listening. Very practical during long trips, isn’t it?

Concerned about your appearance behind the wheel? Don’t worry, Hyundai has redesigned the 2021 Elantra to give it that more aggressive look, thanks to the rounded hood, reminiscent of the most popular pre-2000s coupe cars, and the spoiler on the rear trunk.

In fact, its angular styling immediately attracts attention: nothing suggests that it’s an ordinary car. The stretched front headlights and rear headlights also make a strong statement. The car is larger and more spacious than its predecessors: exactly 56 cm longer and 25 cm wider. Of course, it will be perfect for your long outings and well-deserved vacation!

For Hyundai, your daily trips must be safe. The small South Korean technical nugget has a wide range of options of all kinds. For example, a frontal collision prevention system will allow you to take control in optimal conditions.

South Koreans never do things by halves… The 2021 Hyundai Elantra has not only a driver attention alert system, but also a rearview camera and a lane assist system. Especially useful in small moments of inattention. Finally, pushing comfort to its peak, heated seats and steering wheel are available on request. One thing is certain: you’ll be serene at the wheel. Give it a try!

Hyundai Lanaudière in Joliette: Unanimously Acclaimed! 

Visit the Hyundai Lanaudière vehicle dealership in Joliette, near Repentigny, Mascouche and Terrebonne. At the same time, discover a vast choice of new and pre-owned sedans and SUVs.

You still have questions about a particular model? A team of the most competent and efficient experts in the field will guide you in your choices.

You’ll also receive all the help you need in case of technical problems. The dealership is committed to providing you with genuine parts and technologically relevant advice.

Come and take advantage of the many payment facilities and the best prices available on the market. The Hyundai Lanaudière team awaits you!

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