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Concept Seven E-VUS

Revealed last November in Los Angeles, Hyundai's new Seven concept hints at features of the upcoming Ioniq 7, but also presents an idea of Hyundai's cars of the future.

Find out what to expect mechanically and stylistically from the Ioniq 7 and open the doors to a cutting-edge interior and futuristic design.

A Promising Powerful Battery

The E-VUS Seven concept is based on an extended version of the Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) found in the Ioniq 5. This suggests a three-row mid-size SUV that will share some components with the compact SUV.

The Ioniq 7 will likely offer a choice of one or two electric motors, much like its smaller brother. According to William Clavey, a journalist for RPM: 

"We can expect a combined power output
of up to 483 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque.

That's a lot of performance!

As for the battery, it will be an 800-volt electric system that will allow for particularly fast recharging. With a 350 kW terminal, for example, the SUV will recharge from 10% to 80% in just 20 minutes. Although there are no official range figures yet, Hyundai is aiming for a range of over 480 km on a single charge.

Concept Seven E-VUS Hyundai

A Futuristic Design

The new concept features a sleek, futuristic design that promises to be bright from the inside with a glass roof and glass rear door. Among its features are:

  • A flat and very low hood
  • A long, horizontal roofline
  • Parametric Pixels headlamps that perform a "welcoming ceremony" when unlocked
  • Vertical fog lights
  • A wheelbase of 3.2 metres

While this styling doesn't strictly correspond to the final version of the upcoming Ioniq 7, it will be largely derived from it. Hyundai adds even more innovation by incorporating wheels that can extend or retract depending on whether they need to resist wind or cool the brakes. Organic paint is used for environmental purposes.

The current images also show doors that open in an antagonistic fashion, like French doors, revealing a real living room.

A Lounge-Like Interior Thanks to Autonomous Driving

The increased wheelbase layout and flat floor platform make for a particularly spacious and comfortable cabin for all passengers

Inside the concept, there are no traditional bench seats, but rather armchairs and a curved bench/sofa. What's more, the interior is modular: the seats can even swivel to create a true interior lounge.

You can also put your drinks in a small integrated refrigerator or refresh your shoes in a compartment for that purpose. A panoramic OLED screen will allow you to display the content you want.

The interior design is largely thought out with the advent of autonomous driving in mind. This is evidenced by the front seats that swivel and the retractable shifter that stows away. Similarly, the car doesn't have a dashboard as we think of it today, but rather a retractable stick.

The Environment and Hygiene at the Heart of the Concerns

Respect for the environment is a priority nowadays, and for this reason, the use of ecological and recyclable materials inside the vehicle is expected. Even more so, the pandemic has brought about a greater concern for cleanliness, and Hyundai has thought out its concept by integrating avant-garde elements such as:

  • A two-axis ventilation system
  • UVC light sterilization when passengers leave the cabin
  • Materials with antimicrobial properties such as copper
  • Surfaces with antibacterial functions
  • Compartments that sterilize your belongings

The Hyundai Seven Concept is both a preview of the upcoming Ioniq 7 and, further down the road, of future self-driving vehicles that will open up a world of possibilities.

Stay tuned for more news from your Hyundai Lanaudiere dealer. While you wait for the Ioniq 7, browse the many electric and hybrid models in the lineup at your dealership in Joliette, near Repentigny and find your perfect match!

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