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2023 white electric EV sedan hyundai ioniq 6 in urban night road with neon in joliette

Hyundai presses ahead by launching the Hyundai iONIQ 6! This new electric sedan will impress with its design that draws the eye every time. A true car of the future, it offers assets that make it a performance vehicle that's also autonomous and pleasant to drive.

Your local Joliette Hyundai dealership, near Repentigny, informs you about this upcoming Hyundai model!

Hyundai iONIQ 6: A Creative Design

Let's start with the most visible aspect: its design! Hyundai decided to follow its own concept by offering a sedan with a domed roof, obviously inspired by sport coupe cars. Its design wowed automobile journalists all around the world.

Near us, Frédéric Mercier, from The Car Guide, expresses himself on the new 2023 Hyundai iONIQ 6's design:

"The IONIQ 6 is assisted by its low nose, active air flaps at the front, wheel gap reducers and an elliptical wing-inspired spoiler with winglet, not to mention a full underbody cover and optimized deflectors."

The choices made for the bodywork weren't only for the aesthetics. A particular attention was given to the car's general aerodynamism. Their attention to detail goes so far that the iONIQ 6 also has the nickname "Electrified Streamliner".

But what's inside the Hyundai iONIQ 6 electric car? Stay tuned, we'll tell you everything you need to know!

An Interior That Combines Futurism and Comfort

The pursuit for a sustainable design continues within the vehicle. Inside, its neat aspect is immediately noticeable. Furthermore, the great majority of interior materials are made of recycled materials.

The one-of-a-kind centre console includes these interesting additions:

  • The doors and windows control buttons
  • A wireless charger
  • A dual cup holder placed in a way to favour ergonomics

The Hyundai logo is no longer on the steering wheel. Four lights have replaced it. These lights are to see at first glance the remaining battery charge. There's no way you're going on the road with a near-empty battery!

The clear space near the doors by moving the window control frees up space! Hyundai put ambient lights inside the doors. Almost halfway between a resting space and a car, the iONIQ 6 reimagines the driving experience based on comfort.

Even though all this attention was put on the design, the performances were never sidelined! The iONIQ 6 benefits from what we already know from the iONIQ 5 to innovate even more.

iONIQ 6: Unrivalled Performances at Your Service

Hyundai still hasn't confirmed the definitive technical features yet, but The Car Guide experts offer an interesting estimate on the predicted driving range:

"For now, we can tell you that the IONIQ 6 is estimated to deliver more than 610 km of range based on the WLTP standard. […] Considering the IONIQ 5 is rated at up to 488 km in Canada, a reasonable target for the sedan would be about 580 km."

It inherited all these components already used and approved for the iONIQ 5:

  • An E-GMP build allowing for fast-charge stations of 400 or 800 volts;
  • Its V2L function (vehicle-to-load) which can even recharge another electric car;
  • A 350-kW charge with the stations intended for this.

For drivers, the most important aspect of a Hyundai electric car is its driving range. The car manufacturer gave all it needs to ensure a driving experience with as few needs to stop and recharge as possible.

The 2023 Hyundai iONIQ 6's Price

The 2023 Hyundai iONIQ 6's price should be announced shortly before its market entry next year. Let's revisit the 2022 Hyundai iONIQ 5's strong points to keep those features in mind.

With a car that's won the World Car of the Year, World Car Design of the Year and World Electric Vehicle of the Year titles at the World Car Awards, you can hit the road with complete peace of mind!

2022 Hyundai iONIQ 5 Preferred Long Range


225 hp at 168 kW


258 lb-ft


Lithium-ion Polymer

Charging time

120V: 30.8 h

240V: 8.5 h

400V: 0.3 h

Electric range

488 km

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